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A Senior Moving Checklist to Ease Senior Moves

Senior move checklists mean more time for your what you love

A transition to a new home during the senior years is influenced by a number of factors. In addition, each senior requires different services and assistance for their move. Seniors (or their families) can use our senior moving checklist / questionnaire to determine the Senior Moves services that simplify their transition and relocation process.

  • Do you need to sell your home? 

  • Do you need assistance finding reputable moving companies?

  • Do you plan to keep your car?

  • Do you need assistance packing and unpacking?

  • Are you downsizing or moving to a similar-sized property?

  • Do you need help acclimating to a new home and learning about amenities in the community?

  • Would you prefer the team to lay out the new home and supervise the loading and unloading of the moving trucks?

  • Do you need assistance with hanging pictures, preparing rooms, and other moving details?

  • Would you prefer Senior Moves to help you find a new home or senior living community? 

  • What are your specific moving concerns?

There are just a few questions that can help us learn more about what help you (or a loved one) need to best support a move. We provide help for any of these moving struggles and create a customized moving plan that outlines our process.

Senior Moves helps with estate sales in the Florida area

Selling a Home That’s Part of an Estate

Senior Moves assists families who need to sell a loved one’s home after a death. Our team helps stage and clean the home. For out-of-state families who need to sell a parent’s home, Senior Moves can recommend local Florida real estate agents to handle the sales process.

How Can We Help You?
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