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Caring for Every Detail with Customized Move Management Services

Customized move management services from Senior Moves made for peace of mind
Senior Moves in Florida makes moving day peaceful

Move day looks different for every individual. Senior Moves offers customized services that meet the needs and expectations of every senior. Our extensive range of services allows us to address even the smallest details on move day.

 Senior Moving Assistance Services

We meet with every client to better understand what we can offer and how we can best support them during their move and help them comfortably transition to a new home. Our moving services include:

Senior moving assistance services meet your unique relocation needs
  • Developing a floor plan of the new home. This involves creating a visual representation for seniors to learn how they can organize their new space and position their furniture.

  • Hanging pictures and preparing rooms. We hang pictures, place photographs on tables, prepare the beds with linens, decorate the bathrooms, and more. We design the look of every room to make it comfortable and inviting

  • Organizing the new home. On move day, we unload boxes and arrange each room according to the proposed floor plan. We help seniors understand where items will be placed and stored. We encourage seniors to help us with this process so they feel comfortable with the layout and take an active role in designing the look of their new home

  • Changing utility providers or updating utilities. Senior Moves can handle communications with utility providers to move services to a new location or initiate a new service.

  • Preparing the home for sale. When seniors need to sell their current home, our team works with real estate professionals to clean and stage the home and provide any additional support.

  • Scheduling with moving companies and professionals. Move managers partner with local moving companies and help oversee the transition.

Specialized Requests: Moving Seniors with Services Tailored to Their Needs

Some seniors need additional assistance beyond the services offered by Senior Moves. Our team accommodates additional service requests from seniors and their families to help simplify the relocation process. In some situations, Senior Moves utilizes other contractors or companies to facilitate these requests and provide the necessary services. Reach out to the team to inquire about additional services we offer or to request a specialized service. Our team will design a moving plan that accommodates these needs.

Specialized senior moving services mean a moving plan made for you

Long-Distance Moving Assistance

Senior Moves offers the same list of service options for in-state moves and for seniors who need help with a long-distance move or relocating out-of-state. In addition, our move managers meet with each individual to better understand budget and expectations.

Senior Moves manage out-of-state and in-state relocation for elderly in Florida

Help Acclimating to a New Home

The devotion of move managers does not end after we unpack the last box. Senior Moves staff also helps seniors acclimate to their new home. Move managers accompany seniors as they learn more about their area, find trusted resources, and discover all the residential activities offered by a retirement community. We ease the transition to make home feel like home.

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