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Helping Seniors Manage the Emotional Impact of Downsizing

Downsizing services in Florida facilitate organization and tranquility

Many seniors choose to downsize when they retire, but others downsize to a smaller home or move to an assisted living community because of health issues or after the death of a spouse. Even when downsizing is the most practical choice, it is not always the easiest choice. Downsizing requires saying goodbye to many items. Smaller homes or apartments cannot accommodate a lifetime of furniture, clothes, and cherished items.

A home holds a wealth of love and memories. Throughout decades, individuals collect cards, notes, and items from friends and loved ones. Furniture that once welcomed guests now sits unused, but the memories they represent call back wonderful moments. How do you say goodbye to the past and so many memories?

Downsizing services preserve memories without clutter

This is the struggle with downsizing. This is the pain and emotional toil that seniors suffer, sometimes without anyone to guide them. Senior Moves helps them throughout the process, supporting seniors as they sort through a lifetime of…life.

Plan upcoming moves with a estate consignment liaison from Senior Moves

Estate Consignment Liaison

Seniors downsizing to a small condo or an apartment have limited space for a house full of furniture. Paying for storage units might not be a practical option. In some situations, an estate sale could be the ideal solution for downsizing items and making some extra money.


Senior Moves acts as a liaison to help seniors and their families find trustworthy estate consignment professionals who can offer estate sale services.

Our team members hold their hands when they struggle. We sit with them, sort through items with them, and listen to the stories that are tied so tightly to simple cards and gifts, knick knacks, and jewelry. We seek solutions to help seniors save the items they cannot bear to discard, and we help them donate or sell items that they do not want to move or pack.

Donations and Discarded Items

Our staff of move managers helps seniors and their families sort through items and decide whether they should be donated to charities or if they simply need to be discarded. Not every item moves to a new home, but some items can benefit other families or individuals.

We help seniors understand which items can bring joy to others and recommend that these items be donated. Some items in poor condition cannot be saved or moved. The process about donating, moving, and discarding is handled with compassion and care; we know that some items are priceless to seniors.

Declutter your home and bring joy to others by donating unneeded items
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