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Taking the Stress Out of the Move with Packing and Unpacking Services

Senior Moves packing services take the stress out of moving elderly Florida homeowners

The task of boxing up clothes, linens, books, and other items is time-consuming and frustrating. Individuals must organize all possessions into categories and pack them accordingly. For seniors, this process elevates stress and even exacerbates pain caused by arthritis and other medical conditions.

Eliminate the frustration of packing and unpacking. Sit back, relax, and let our team handle the boxes, the packing, and the organization. Senior Moves packs up every item in the home, labeling boxes, and ensuring that no item is left behind.

Packing and Moving Services to Go the Distance

Senior Moves finds a National Association of Senior and Speciality Move Managers (NASMM) recommended move manager for seniors relocating long distances and out-of-state, too.  A dedicated senior move manager works with seniors to handle other needs during long-distance moves like finding utility providers or helping them understand amenities in their new city or state.

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