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Senior Moves customers enjoying their new home after relocation

Comprehensive & Compassionate Move Services to Transition Seniors Into a New Home

Leaving a ‘forever’ home conjures up many emotions for seniors. Transitioning to a smaller home or moving into a senior living community requires an adjustment period to prepare for this new life phase. The team at Senior Moves understands the emotional aspect of the moving process. We work directly with families and seniors to simplify the move, manage the relocation, and help seniors work through the emotional impact of this transitional experience.

Elderly Senior Moves customers cherish memories in their new home

Your Team of Trusted Senior Move Managers

Founded in 2007 with a team of experienced senior move managers, Senior Moves guides and directs all aspects of the moving process and walks hand-in-hand with seniors through each phase of this transition. Senior Moves builds meaningful and impactful relationships with each client, ensuring seniors know that our team serves and supports them throughout every step of their journey.

For seniors, the transition to a new home can be further complicated by illness, a loss of a spouse or loved one, or even the concern that family members live too far to help them. Some seniors are alone, without family or friends. Senior Moves lends our hands and our hearts to ensure that every senior we help feels supported, understood, and knows that they have someone to walk alongside them during this transitional time.

The Senior Moves team steps in at any phase of the moving and relocation process. Some clients need us from the very beginning, while others only ask us for help with packing and organizing a new home. Senior Moves advocates for and addresses every individual’s specific needs, and concerns, and we serve seniors by providing comfort and emotional support.

What We Do

Estate & Downsizing Specialists

Downsizing is a multi-step process. When seniors relocate to a new home, not every item moves with them. Smaller spaces require a downsizing plan. The team at Senior Moves helps seniors and their families evaluate each possession in their home to determine if the items transition to a new home, or if items need to be donated, sold, or discarded.

Senior move managers help downsize comfortably

Packing & Unpacking Services

Destress your move with packing services from Seniors Moves

When seniors move to their new home, many trust our team to unpack and organize all items. We communicate with clients to ensure they understand the layout of the home and the location of every item. Organization efforts address the accessibility needs and personal preferences of each individual. 

Packing and unpacking can be one of the most stressful aspects of a move. Items need to be categorized and carefully packed in boxes. This process is time-consuming, but, for seniors, packing can be painful because of medical conditions like arthritis. 

Senior Moves handles packing and unpacking for clients who need this service. We organize and categorize items in each room of the home, and we thoughtfully group items to create a cohesive and simple packing plan.  

Unpacking services from helps seniors move peacefully
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Senior Moving Services

Seniors should never worry on moving day or the days leading up to the big move.  We organize all the boxes, supervise the loading and unloading of the moving trucks, and communicate with other companies to conveniently, quickly, and efficiently guide seniors from their old home to their new home. 


Senior Moves works with families to find the best contractors at the most affordable cost. We communicate with these companies and provide oversight, removing stress and worry so seniors can focus on easing into their new home.

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