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Beat the Heat: Enlist the Professionals and Other Top Tips for Moving in Summer

Summer is the most popular time of year to plan a move. Students are out of school, and the long vacation provides the ideal opportunity to acclimate children and teens to a new environment. According to data compiled by USA Today, 44 percent of individuals who moved (with professional assistance) scheduled their move for summer. Only 12 percent moved during the winter months. 

While summer is the most popular time for moving, managing a summer move solo is not advisable for everyone (especially seniors). There are many risks to managing a summer move; learn why you need to enlist the professionals when planning a move during the summer. 

Table of Contents: 

Moving Preparation for Summer Moves 

  • Things to Consider When Moving During the Summer 

  • Quick Tips for Moving in Summer 

  • Tips for Cross-Country Moves 

What to Know About Summer Moving Costs 

Mail Transfer Service: Don’t Forget This Final Detail

  • USPS Mail Forwarding 

The Numbers Behind a Move: What It Takes To Pack, Unpack, Clean, and Prepare

Key Takeaways: 

Summer is the most popular time of year for moving. The higher demand leads to higher costs. In addition, moving in the summer heat can exacerbate medical conditions, posing a health threat for seniors. Senior move managers take on the physical duties of the move, allowing seniors to relax and prepare for their new home. 

Moving Preparation for Summer Moves 

For seniors, summer is an ideal season to schedule a move as family members may be more available; teen grandchildren also could aid in the moving experience. However, some seniors move during the summer simply because they must relocate ASAP. 

Regardless of whether moving during summer is a choice or chance, choosing professional senior move managers simplifies the relocation process and provides seniors with trusted resources and compassionate professionals to guide them through the process. Senior Moves manages many issues during summer moves that are unique to the season. The most common include torrential downpours and extreme heat. 

Summer in Florida leads to heavy rain and days where the heat feels sweltering. In August 2023, Sarasota was hit by nine inches of rainfall, and temperatures reached about 90 degrees on average. Heavy rainfall and high temperatures are the norm for us, and we are experienced in working in any extreme weather. Unfortunately, many individuals are inexperienced in managing the often physical activities of moving during the summer heat. This extreme heat can exacerbate heart conditions, asthma, and arthritis (as heat leads to swelling); rain-soaked surfaces and streets also present a fall hazard. 

Seniors should not take on burdensome physical tasks in the extreme heat. While many senior clients are part of moving day and the moving process, Senior Moves always ensures that we tackle the tough work; we want our senior clients to focus on the excitement of moving to a new space. 

The best way for seniors to prepare for a move in summer is to contact the Senior Moves team for assistance. We create moving plans specific to every individual’s needs and walk them through the process, from helping them pack to providing settling-in services at a new home.

Things to Consider When Moving During the Summer 

Summer is the most popular time of year to move, and this places a serious demand on professional movers, move managers, and others who guide this process. When seniors anticipate moving, they should reach out to consult with senior move managers ASAP. Calendars book up quickly, and many individuals need support during a move. 

Once clients begin their moving journey with us, our team tackles all the steps to prepare for the summer move. We immediately help seniors schedule professional movers and recommend real estate professionals (when or if seniors must sell their homes). 

Quick Tips for Moving in Summer 

The Senior Moves team manages the work and physical aspects of moving. We also help seniors emotionally acclimate to a new space. Summer moves require additional care and details to ensure seniors stay comfortable throughout the move process. 

These five simple tips for breezy summer moves help us stay cool and keep our clients comfortable, too: 

1. Schedule utility activation for the day of move-in (make sure the electricity is ON and the air conditioner is working) 

2. Use fans to keep cool when moving 

3. Buy lots of bottled water for optimum hydration 

4. Keep pets out of the heat 

5. Schedule moving activities during the morning (when it’s cooler) 

Tips for Cross-Country Moves 

Cross-country moves are often more complex. Senior Moves schedules all moving companies in advance. We also help seniors plan and research utility activation at their new homes. Cross-country moves also may require transporting a client’s vehicle (or multiple vehicles). Senior Moves helps arrange these services, too. 

The Senior Moves team also uses these tactics for simplifying cross-country moves and keeping every item in order: 

  • Donate or discard unused or unwanted items. More items cost more to move!

  • Create packing lists and code boxes to simplify tracking possessions.

  • Get multiple bids on moving services and always pay attention to reviews (word-of-mouth recommendations are HUGE). 

  • Pack the most precious items with you (in the car, on a plane, etc.).

  • Get deadlines in writing; when will those items arrive at the new home? Make sure everything is in writing! 

What to Know About Summer Moving Costs 

The majority of moves occur during the summer months. The high demand for moving help, including professional movers, cross-country logistics companies, and other moving support professionals, could lead to higher charges. When demand is high, costs naturally increase. Think about peak travel season and its impact on airfare and lodging prices; the moving industry experiences similar cost fluctuations. 

Seniors and their families should prepare for a summer move as soon as possible. When seniors choose our team to support a move or relocation, they receive guidance and professional support for researching costs associated with other moving professionals. Senior Moves helps every client find moving companies that fit their needs and align with their budget. 

However, if clients wait until the last minute to plan a summer move, they will encounter higher service costs. Unfortunately, moving professionals and others who provide services for a move could also be completely booked for the summer. Seniors could be scrambling and paying a premium to find assistance. 

Consumer Affairs talked to travel blogger Jenny Ly, who explained how timing impacts moving costs. Ly noted that weekend moves are more expensive, and peak moving season (May through early fall) also bumps costs. Ly recommended scheduling a move from October through April. She also recommended midweek moves. 

How much can seniors expect to spend on a move? While Angi reported that a move costs on average between $880 to $2,540, the area of the move and the timing of the move all affect the final cost. In addition, more items also lead to higher costs.

Mail Transfer Service: Don’t Forget This Final and Very Important Moving Detail! 

In the craziness of moving, one detail often falls through the cracks for individuals handling their move. Mail transfer services are crucial to ensuring that mail from the old address finds its way to the new home. 

While many individuals change the address for their bank account and for other important accounts, it is common for individuals to forget to change their address for every account. Use mail transfer services to forward mail to the new location. 

USPS Mail Forwarding 

The simplest way for seniors to ensure their mail arrives at their new home address is to utilize USPS mail forwarding services. The process can be completed online or in-person. Senior Moves team members also can take care of the process. 

To set up mail forwarding online, visit: 

The Numbers Behind a Move: What it Takes to Pack, Unpack, Clean, and Prepare 

Some individuals think they are prepared to tackle every aspect of the move. How hard is it to move? Most individuals underestimate how moving tasks like packing will take them; unfortunately, some assume they can pack an entire home in one day. 

Use our chart to understand the time and dedication involved in every move fully.


Time Estimate

What is Involved

Packing a bedroom

8 hours

Folding clothes

Packing clothes

Packing shoes

Folding linens

Packing linens

Packing lamps Removing and packing items for end tables Packing and securing jewlery Packing photos and knick knacks

Packing a Bathroom

6 hours

Washing and packing linens Packing toiletries Packing cleaning supplies Discarding old or outdated makeup and cleaning supplies

Packing a Kitchen

8 hours

Organizing and packing pots and pans 

Organizing and packing  


Organizing and packing 


Organizing and packing 

serving dishes 

Organizing and packing 

small appliances 

Organizing and packing 


Packing a Dining Room

6 hours

Organizing and packing art or photos 

Organizing and packing fine 


Organizing and packing 


Preparing a dining table for 

the move (protecting the 

surface and removing legs)

Packing a Living Room

8 hours

Organizing and packing photos Organizing and packing books Organizing and packing artwork Folding and packing throw 

blankets (or pillows) 

Organizing and packing 

digital equipment and 

movies (if applicable) 

Organizing and packing 

fragile items (like knick 


Cleaning Each Room

4 to 6 hours (sometimes longer)

Vacuuming carpets

Mopping floors 

Wiping down/disinfecting 



Moving Furniture

4 hours or more for each room (depending on the complexity/weight of each piece)

Dismantling beds / tables Installing protective coverings over glass or upholstery (for chairs) Packing hardware 

Moving each piece

The time allocations are estimates. Seniors may need more time to complete these tasks if they feel fatigued or overwhelmed. Moving takes an incredible amount of time, and packing and prepping must begin in advance. When seniors enlist the help of Senior Moves, these time-consuming tasks fall to us, not our clients. 

Use professional senior move managers to help with a summer move. Schedule a consultation with Senior Moves today!

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